The way we travel in the modern age can be described in many ways, however one constant is speed. Planes, trains, busses, cars and bicycles are all designed to get us to our destination quickly. Even when walking we move fast, rarely going slowly to take in our surroundings, so intent are we on our destination. This lighting cluster is a memento of my journey to and from work, riding my bicycle. Observing the world while moving quickly gives it a somewhat distorted view. Flashes of light and bright colours catch the eye, then are gone before you can focus on them, blurring into fluid forms. What we would normally consider ugly blends into what is appealing to become something new. At night for example the darkness is broken by vivid light from passing cars, houses and the cities infrastructure. This light is softly reflected off the road, giving it a subtle glistening that streaks by like tiny falling stars. During the day, a building site blends with the colour of a passing car, but before you can capture that image in your mind it is gone, like a dream. This ‘Memento’ is inspired by these unexpected discoveries and represents an alternative interpretation of what human beings find pleasing. Hopefully this will encourage the viewer to look at the world and what we value from a different perspective.


Prototype in handmade felt and discarded textiles.