Relax chair


The relax chair is a conceptual piece that was developed for the 'New Typologies' exhibition in 2010 that addressed sustainable seating scenarios.


“Relaxation as a state of mind”; one must be prepared to let go of their worries and stresses in order to feel peace and calm. Is sitting required for relaxation to take place? Are they intrinsically liked? It can be active or passive: riding a bike or sitting at home. Where does the chair fit into this picture? Historically in cultures such as Japan and India people have sat and relaxed on the ground. In fact any object of scalable height can be used as a chair; walls, rocks, trees, etc. The form of the chair is inspired by the human body sitting cross-legged. It is constructed entirely from reclaimed timbers and appears to have grown from a pile of wood. The seat is large enough that one can sit with legs crossed and the backrest can be adjusted or removed.